Something New for You

Hello Everyone. Here’s what I have going on over the next few weeks: Pendulum Class at Journeys in Shadyside on Thursday, April 25 from 7-8:30 PM . Please call Journeys to register. I will be at Library Fire Hall on Sunday, May 5 from 12-5 PM doing pet readings at the spirit fair. I’m available for Reiki & Reflexology (for people) and also for pet readings at Peace Love & Zen in East Liberty on Monday and Friday afternoons. Please check the Calendar page of the website for details.

I’m starting a new monthly feature on this blog. I will share a message from the animal kingdom that is intended for anyone who reads this. After today, I will post a message at the beginning of the month. Your first message is from Tortoise. Tortoise is one of our most ancient species and they live a long time. Your message: Get in touch with and trust your primal senses and rhythms. Trust your own unique flow in order to be successful, and understand that some things need to manifest over a period of time. Look at the big picture of your current life cycle over the last 1-3 years in order to make sense of things rather than getting bogged down by the day to day trivial details.