May 2019 Animal Message

For June 2019, Chipmunk stepped forward with a message for you. As you probably know, chipmunks store up food and stay in their burrows for most of the winter. Chipmunk says, “Winter is over! Come out and play! Enjoy nature and the feel of unpaved earth under your feet. Get your hands dirty.” Chipmunks also have a very acute sense of smell. Another message for you is to trust the tone of someone’s voice rather than just the words. Also, trust the tone of a situation rather than just the actions you see going on around you.

I will be at Library Fire Hall (South Park, PA) on Sunday, May 5 from 12-5 pm doing pet readings as part of a psychic fair. This is a very nice fair with reputable readers and great vendors. Readings are $30 for 15 minutes. I hope to see you there!