Animal Adventures

Hello Everyone! I hope summer is going well for you. In addition to posting weekly Animal Totem messages, I will now also be sharing my animal communication and healing stories with you. People often wonder what exactly I do or what happens during a typical session, although there is no typical session!

My animal communication and healing adventures began with my previous dog, Zeke. I was already very interested in energy work and had been for some time. I was just beginning to explore energy work when Zeke became quite ill. He had health problems off and on through much of his life because of some auto-immune disorder, but he grew much worse during the last couple years of his life. He had some serious digestive issues and developed many food intolerances. When his stomach was bothering him, I would hear it making gurgling noises, and I could tell by his posture that he was in terrible discomfort. Without really knowing much about energy work at the time, I instinctively hovered my hands over his belly. I immediately felt the energy flowing, and my hands began to tingle. I saw a murky dark yellow color all around his abdomen. As I held my hands there, the color became a clear, bright yellow, and the gurgling stopped! Soon Zeke began coming to me for energy healing whenever he needed it. He would approach me and position his body to show me where he needed help.

Zeke crossed over a couple of years ago, but I give him credit for really getting me on this road. He is now my partner in crime when I work with animals. He is quite a healer himself.