Animal Adventures: Autumn the Horse

Lucky me! Today I had the opportunity to work with this beauty, Autumn. I’ve worked with her before (another story for another time), but today I helped her with her injured hoof. Autumn somehow got a wound in her hind hoof which developed an abscess. She is being treated by a vet, but her owner asked me to step in to ask her how she’s doing and to do some energy work. Autumn told me that she has a little pain, but mostly she’s bummed out because she can’t ride with her owner. Autumn is a true athlete and loves to run and jump. I explained that her daily foot soak has medicine in it to help her heal, and she said “but it’s YUCKY”. Poor girl. I did energy work to help clear the infection and help her body’s own healing process. Then I gave her LOTS of neck scratches. This is a pre-injury photo of Autumn riding with her owner like a champ.