Zeke, My Teacher

This post is in honor of my previous dog, Zeke, who opened me to skills I already had but knew little about. Zeke was a Boxer-Great Dane mix who had auto-immune issues which became worse during the last couple of years of his life. I always had a fascination with energy work and wanted to learn more, but hadn’t gotten around to any formal education. I already understood the concept of channeling energy and was able draw energy through my hands on demand, but I really didn’t quite know what to do with it. Zeke would sometimes experience stomach pain and discomfort, and nothing seemed to help quickly or long term. One day, as Zeke was in visible discomfort, I held my hands over his abdomen. I did this without thinking about it. Soon, I felt my hands tingle with energy, and Zeke was clearly receptive. As I hovered my hands over him, I saw a dark, murky, mustard colored blob around his belly. Within a few moments, the blob changed to clear, bright yellow. Zeke relaxed his body and was obviously improved. I was now aware that I had a resource that worked to help him. He would sometimes present other parts of his body to me that needed healing relief, such as his hips and lower spine. Zeke lived to be 11 years old. His final day was on a Friday, when he became horribly ill. I knew he wouldn’t recover this time, and the look on his face told me he was done. I took him to the vet to say goodbye. I was also a novice animal communicator at this time, as yet without formal training. I believe Zeke had a general understanding of what would happen at the vet, and I was sure he was ready. His suffering that day was terrible. As the vet administered the drugs, Zeke tensed a bit for a moment. He was unafraid to go, but unsure of the process. I said, “it’s OK. You’re safe. Go to the happy place.” With that, Zeke sighed, relaxed, and let go. I saw him running free in a big field, looking as he did in his prime. I communicated with Zeke after he crossed over. I told him I was sorry I couldn’t help him more than I did, but I hoped he knew I tried. He responded with so much love, and assured me that I did help him. I asked him if there was anything specific that was helpful, and he showed me an image of himself with a bright yellow circle on his belly. About six months after his passing, I began training in animal communication and various forms of energy work. Zeke was the catalyst that brought me to my calling as a healer, and he is still one of my biggest helpers.