About Kerry Swick

I do healing work professionally for both people and animals.  I have been an intuitive and an empath my entire life, and I finally came home to these gifts over the last several years. I’ve been through various trainings in the healing arts including Reiki, Animal Energy Work and Communication, reflexology, and specific work for empaths.  I have worked with Master Shaman Teacher Charles Lightwalker, and I continue to endeavor to improve my knowledge and abilities.  I have over 20 years of experience as a personal trainer and Russian Kettlebell instructor.  I combine my knowledge of the physical body along with energy work practices to help my clients.

I’ve spent many hours practicing and learning, but I’ve done the hardest work on myself.  As I healed myself, my abilities grew exponentially.  I am an empath on multiple levels.  Empaths not only recognize the energies and emotions around them, but they take them on as their own.  This can be devastating if you do not understand how to manage it.  As I healed myself, I took my power back and learned that being an empath does not need to be crippling. I spent too many years suffering from other people’s burdens, as well as feeling the suffering of nature and wildlife during natural disasters and man-made disasters.  I now know that being an empath is a gift, not a burden.

The healing work I do for others is quite varied. I see energy, and I see what is going on very specifically. I scan a person or animal, and I see non-beneficial colors, blocks, energy fields and specific past life issues that are currently causing a problem. I zero in on the problem, clear it, then “refill” the person or animal with reiki (universal source energy). I help empaths resolve boundary issues so they can live a more peaceful life. The idea behind healing energy work is to enable SELF HEALING, as opposed to putting a bandaid on symptoms. I communicate with animals of all species and channel messages from animals, flowers and trees. I am a medium and speak to both humans and animals who have crossed over. I clear negative energies and entities from homes (and people), and I help stuck spirits to cross over. I do my work remotely – either by phone or video chat. I also occasionally do animal communication and animal totem readings at psychic fairs.