About Kerry Swick

I practice healing work professionally for both people and animals.  It is my great pleasure to be able to communicate with animals, and also with those in spirit. I have been an intuitive and an empath my entire life, and I chose to turn those abilities into skills.  I hold various certifications in the healing arts including:

Metis Shamanism with Charles Lightwalker, Master Shaman Teacher; Reiki with Dave Troutman & Victoria Zaitz, Reiki Master Teachers; Animal Energy Work and Communication with Lynn McKenzie; Reflexology through Claire Marie Miller;  End of Life Doula certification (non-medical hospice care) through the University of Vermont;  Jin Shin Jyutsu (Japanese healing art) with Adele Leas.  Some of by greatest teachers have been the animals I have known–especially my dog, Zeke, who is now in spirit.  He showed me that I really can communicate with animals and provide healing for any living being.  

I previously worked for nearly 25 years of experience as a personal trainer and kettlebell instructor.   My combined experience allows me to help individuals (both humans and animals) with their physical bodies as well as on mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  My practice is holistic.

As a shamanic healer, I serve as a bridge between worlds and realms.  My work includes the following:

  • Healing Energy Work (Reiki, past life issues, Akashic records,chakra balancing, reprogramming negative beliefs and patterns, end of life transitions)
  • Intuitive readings
  • Animal communication & healing work
  • Help animals (especially horses) with uncomfortable earth energies (fault lines, underground springs, magnetic fields, etc.)
  • Communication with spirits of loved ones and pets
  • Help with lost pets
  • Help benevolent stuck spirits to cross over
  • Connecting with guides, messengers, spirit/power animals and plants
  • House clearings & elimination of negative energies and entities
  • Helping empaths to heal and learn how to protect & empower themselves

Whether I am working with a person or animal, I read the individual’s energy and physical body.  Then like peeling back the layers of an onion, I facilitate healing for each issue as it is presented in order of priority.  I also channel messages from guides, loved ones, etc. as they come up during a session.

Physical issues are the final manifestation of underlying issues on mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  Although physical problems are very real, they are a symptom of underlying issues.   Your issues are in your tissues — from current and previous lives, as well as inherited family traits. Therefore, clearing problems that have been stored in the body and reprogramming any non-beneficial patterns and beliefs is vital to well being on every level.

Pets are natural empaths and healers.  They will often take on your burdens and issues as a way of trying to help you.  Often pet owners will see symptoms in their pets that mirror some of their own health issues.  Sometimes pets will exhibit behavior as a result of their person’s stress, sadness, worry, etc.  I can help you and your pets in this situation.  I can help your pets to continue to support you without taking on unnecessary burdens.

All of my work can be done easily over the phone or video chat, regardless of the amount of distance between us.  I’m just as effective remotely as in person.  Just like sending a text message, energy work and telepathic communication happen instantly.  I do not need to be on location.