About Kerry Swick

 As a trained and certified practitioner of various intuitive and therapeutic modalities, my work includes the following, any of which can be included in ONE SESSION:  

  • Healing energy work for people and pets on all levels: mental, physical, spiritual, & emotional
  • Animal communication
  • Communication with spirits of loved ones and pets
  • Deliver messages from guides, messengers, spirit/power animals and plants
  • Heal family karma and patterns
  • Balance and harmonize earth energies such as magnetic fields, ley lines, & underground springs.   I have found that horses can be especially sensitive to this.
  • Help you establish and maintain healthy energetic boundaries.  This is beneficial for anyone, but especially for empaths and highly sensitive individuals.  You really can control this!
  • Energy clearing and balancing for individuals and their homes
  • End of life transitions and healing (help for people and animals who are crossing over and support for those who are grieving)

I practice healing work professionally for both people and animals.  It is my great pleasure to be able to communicate with animals, and also with those in spirit. I have been an intuitive and an empath my entire life, and I chose to turn those abilities into skills.  I have received extensive training and achieved the following:

Reiki, Ama Deus energy healing, Animal Energy Work and Communication, Metis Shamanism (universal shamanic principles, as opposed to shamanism from a specific culture), End of Life Doula for people and animals (non-medical hospice care), Jin Shin Jyutsu (Japanese healing art).   

I previously worked for 26 years as a personal trainer and kettlebell instructor.  I also hold a Reflexology certification.  My combined experience and training allows me to help individuals (both humans and animals) with their physical bodies as well as on mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  My practice is holistic. I abide by laws of confidentiality.

All of my work can be done easily over the phone regardless of the distance between us.   Just like sending a text message, energy work and telepathic communication happen instantly through the energy internet!   Please visit the scheduling page for information on in-person work.