Happy New Year!

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Holiday Special!

Now through December 15, 2019: purchase a gift certificate for a 30 minute session with me for any of my services for $60, and receive a FREE 15 minute animal totem/animal messenger reading for yourself. Sessions must be redeemed by December 31, 2020. Please contact me at kerry@healingtechnique.net to purchase.

The Power of Reiki

I’ve had this lovely African violet for quite some time. It has always been a healthy plant, but for some reason it had not bloomed for several months. I sent it Reiki with the intention that it receive whatever it needed in order to bloom. In just over a week, it looked like this! If Reiki can do this for a plant, imagine what it can do for you!

News and Pet Tip

Happy fall, everyone! As the days grow shorter and we spend more time indoors, I’ve decided that this is the perfect time to further my training in the healing arts. I am currently working with a master shaman teacher. I’ve already been on the shamanic path (healing, working with animals and nature, communicating with and helping those in spirit, etc.), but there is always room for improvement and more to learn. I will also be pursuing a Medical Intuitive certification in the near future, which will also expand on my existing skills and abilities. I intend to become the most useful healer that I can be.

I will be participating in a few events during November: Mystic Fair at Library Fire Hall on November 10; Group Healing Circle on November 16 in Aspinwall; and I will teach an introductory Animal Communication and Energy Work class on November 17 in Dormont. All of this information can be found on the calendar page of my website. As always, I am available for phone or video sessions for ALL of my services (healing work for people and animals, animal communication, mediumship, house clearings, etc.) Anything I can do in person, I can do just as effectively remotely.

And finally, PET TIP: If you have a cat, please consider using a natural or unscented litter. You can add a little baking soda if it’s not already in the litter. And as long as you scoop the box regularly, odor should not be a problem. Highly scented cat litter has lots of non-beneficial and potentially harmful chemicals. Not only do your cats absorb this through their paws, but they also ingest it when they groom themselves.

Animal Adventures – Jack the Former Fighter

My friend Don adopted this handsome boy, Jack, about four years ago. He was rescued from a fighting ring in Pittsburgh that the police had disbanded. Jack was the “winning” fighter. Don learned about Jack when he saw him on the news, and he knew he had to adopt him. Don found Jack at a local shelter. Jack was placed in the back off the main adoption floor. It was assumed that no one would want him. Wrong! When Don and Jack met, there was an instant connection.

I’ve worked with animals who have been in challenging situations before, but I had never worked with a former fighter. Although Jack has done well since he’d been adopted, I suspected he was carrying some emotional baggage from his horrible situation. Animals carry the trauma of abuse just as humans do. I had the privilege of connecting with Jack and helping him.

When I arrived, Jack greeted me with a wagging tail. I allowed a few moments for us to get acquainted. I sat on the floor, and Jack sat on my lap–all 80 pounds of him. I asked Jack if there was anything he wanted to tell me about his past. He showed me the fighting situation–dogs growling and barking, teeth bared. He hated it. He told me he was praised for “winning”. He couldn’t understand why he was being praised for something so terrible. He thought he was bad. I assured Jack that he is a good dog and that he was always a good dog. I explained that he was a victim. In spite of the horrors he lived through, he still knew that people are good (at least most of us!) I then did some energy work to clear all the emotional baggage he was carrying. He thanked me. Then he asked me for a treat since he’s such a good dog.

Animal Adventures: Autumn the Horse

Lucky me! Today I had the opportunity to work with this beauty, Autumn. I’ve worked with her before (another story for another time), but today I helped her with her injured hoof. Autumn somehow got a wound in her hind hoof which developed an abscess. She is being treated by a vet, but her owner asked me to step in to ask her how she’s doing and to do some energy work. Autumn told me that she has a little pain, but mostly she’s bummed out because she can’t ride with her owner. Autumn is a true athlete and loves to run and jump. I explained that her daily foot soak has medicine in it to help her heal, and she said “but it’s YUCKY”. Poor girl. I did energy work to help clear the infection and help her body’s own healing process. Then I gave her LOTS of neck scratches. This is a pre-injury photo of Autumn riding with her owner like a champ.

Animal Adventures

Today I’d like to share a story about 2 dogs I worked with about a year ago. I’m changing names for privacy. The owner contacted me about a little situation he was having with two of his dogs. Sheba is a relatively large dog who developed serious vision problems at a young age; however, she was unaware that this was a problem and managed to get around just fine, as she knew her way around the home. But she would occasionally bump into Bart, who is a smaller dog. Bart would get impatient with this and grumble at Sheba. He thought it was quite rude. Upon communicating with Bart, I realized that he was unaware of Sheba’s vision problem and also a bit perturbed that he didn’t get that memo! He then felt guilty, but also compassionate toward Sheba. I explained that nobody was upset with him. I asked if he would be willing to be more patient with Sheba now that he understood the situation, and he readily agreed. Approximately a week after our session, the owner texted me to report that Bart had stopped grumbling at Sheba and had become much more tolerant and patient with her. As with humans, clear communication is important! Sometimes just making sure an animal understands what is going on can make all the difference.

Animal Messenger for the Week of June 22, 2019

Animal messenger for the week of June 23,2019: HAWK – guardianship in ventures. This follows through from last week’s message. The options and opportunities you have previously considered are now in motion. Hawk is protecting and guiding you through the process. Hawks have laser sharp vision. Hawk will help you see what you need to see, especially what is hidden or hard to see. Hawk will lead you to the finer details. To make the most of this message, try this: sit quietly for a moment, take a few deep breaths and settle in. Ask to receive the guidance of hawk. Sit with it for a bit — maybe some specific messages will come to you. You can do this with any or all of the animal messengers.

Animal Totem Message for week of June 16, 2019

Animal totem message for the week of June 16 – CROW. Crows and ravens are similar, but have different meanings as animal messengers. Crows nest very high in the trees and are excellent watchers, always alert to danger and warning others when necessary. Your message: do not let your guard down when new opportunities arrive. You may need to proceed with caution. The opportunity may be a good one, but be sure you have all the facts first. Forewarned is forearmed.

Animal Totem Message for the week of June 9, 2019

Grackle is a large black bird with iridescent feathers that change color depending on the light. Grackle indicates shifting and intensifying emotions in and around us. It is time to become creative in how we experience, express and handle emotions. Ask yourself if the emotions you are experiencing are constructive or even necessary.