End of Life

I provide healing work for individuals who are currently in end of life transition.  Our culture has dehumanized and mechanized the process of dying.  We all die at some point, and it is my goal to restore dignity and honor to the process.  Healing energy work for the dying is not about trying to change what is meant to be.  I can help alleviate physical discomforts such as pain or nausea.  I also provide healing energy work on an emotional and spiritual level in order to help the person transition with as much peace of mind and heart as possible.  

I earned an End of Life Doula certification (non-medical hospice care) from the University of Vermont.  I combine this knowledge along with my healing skills to provide as much comfort as I can for the dying person.  This is not intended to replace any other hospice care the client may be receiving, but rather to complement it in order to provide a complete package of care.  This may include care and support for the client’s loved ones and caregivers as needed.  My work is non-denominational, and I respect the client’s personal religious and spiritual beliefs.

This work can also be done remotely.  However, I am happy to work with clients on location within a reasonable distance of Pittsburgh, PA and North Hills.