Energy Work

A session will include whatever you need for your highest good.  I will address your questions and concerns; however, I begin each session by asking to see what you need in order of priority.  You will get exactly what you need and are ready to heal or clear at that time. The type of situations I address include but are not limited to:  issues in the physical body, past life issues, emotional trauma that has been stored in the body, boundary issues, cutting non-beneficial cords between you and another, and elimination of ingrained non-beneficial patterns or beliefs.

I practice Reiki and other forms of energy work. Reiki (chi, qi, prana) are all words meaning “life force energy”.  Reiki and other forms of energy work rebalance this energy throughout the body. It is a very holistic approach, which addresses the physical, mental and emotional levels of the individual.  The practitioner channels this life force energy to the client to facilitate self-healing as opposed to superficial fixes imposed upon you. 

Often your guides and guardians will step forward during a session.  These can be ancestors and relatives that you may or may not have known, previous pets, angels and ascended masters, and guides from the plant and animal kingdoms.