Guides & Guardians

Have you every wondered exactly who your guides and guardians are?  You might be aware of some of them.  For example, you may feel your deceased grandmother around you, or you may have an awareness of an angel around you.  I can help you identify exactly who your guides and guardians are including your plant and animal totems.  I will deliver any messages they have for you.

Animal and nature totems (guides) have very powerful symbolic meanings. Many cultures throughout time have looked to nature for insight.  In our modern world, we have lost touch with the natural world that is part of us, but it is still there!  You may even be aware of your animal guides, especially if you have a strong affinity for a particular animal or plant.  For example, if you collect giraffes, there is most likely a reason for that. Some of these guides are with us for our entire lives, but some show up for a specific reason or period of time when we need them.