Moon Messages

I will post a message for each phase of the moon: full moon through waning phase (decreasing moon) and new moon through waxing phase (increasing moon). The message comes from a plant or animal guide that has a relevant message for us at this time. Please contact me for a session if you would like a more detailed intuitive reading, including personalized information from your own guides and messengers.

September 29 – October 13, 2023 (full moon and waning phase). This message is from Wolf, which generally represents intuitive guidance and guardianship. How to Proceed: Rely on your own insight more than others. Tune out the noise around you, and hear and heed your own inner voice. Beneficial influences: We are being appropriately sensitive in our communications.

September 14 – September 28, 2023 (new moon and waxing phase). This message is from Rose Breasted Grosbeak, which generally represents heart healing. How to Proceed: Let go of old hurts you are needlessly hanging onto and find forgiveness. Beneficial Influences: It is entirely possible for wounds to be healed, hearts comforted and break non-beneficial patterns.

PS: If you’re not sure how to do this, I can help!

August 30 – September 13, 2023 (full moon and waning phase). This message is from Woodpecker, which generally represents new rhythms of success. How to Proceed: Be sure our resources do not harm the environment. This has been a global theme for some time now, but maybe there are little ways in your own life where you can make adjustments. Here are a couple of examples: Minimize the landfills by recycling or donating whatever is possible; Use biodegradable dog waste bags, which are now available. Beneficial Influences: We are studying and learning as much as possible. Scientific research is helping us to come up with new and better ways.

August 16 – August 29, 2023 (new moon and waxing phase). This message is from Grasshopper, which generally represents positive leaps. How to Proceed: Do NOT repeat the past in any non-beneficial way. Do NOT ignore you inner voice. Beneficial Influences: Your intuition is always right — the gut feeling you have before your brain starts to overthink things.

July 17 – July 31, 2023 (new moon and waxing phase). This message is from Orca (killer whale), which generally represents seeking new depths in some way. How to Proceed: Seek new sources for right answers that are very clear. Beneficial Influences: There is balance among members of the “pod”, which could be family, friend, work or social groups.

July 3 – July 16, 2023 (full moon and waning phase). This message is from Boa Constrictor. Snakes in general represent shedding and transformation. How to Proceed: Be present and FASCINATED with animals (including insects, reptiles, fish, etc.) when you get the opportunity. These can be your own pets, wildlife, or even animals on TV. Be open to perceiving them in a new way. Beneficial Influences: There are myriad ways in which animals guide and teach us.