Energy Work

A session will include whatever you need for your highest good.  I begin each session by asking to be shown what you need in order of priority.  I will address any questions or concerns you may have. You will get exactly what you need and are ready to heal or clear at that time. The type of situations I address include but are not limited to:  issues in the physical body, past life issues, emotional trauma that has been stored in the body, clearing non-beneficial attachments, healing family karma, and reprogramming non-beneficial patterns or beliefs.

Guides & Guardians

Often your guides and guardians will step forward during a session. Have you every wondered exactly who your guides and guardians are?  You might be aware of some of them.  For example, you may feel your deceased grandmother around you, or you may have an awareness of an angel around you.  I can help you identify exactly who your guides and guardians are including your plant and animal totems.  I will deliver any messages they have for you.

Animal and nature totems (guides) have very powerful symbolic meanings. Many cultures throughout time have looked to nature for insight.  In our modern world, we have lost touch with the natural world that is part of us, but it is still there!  You may even be aware of your animal guides, especially if you have a strong affinity for a particular animal or plant.  For example, if you collect giraffes, there is most likely a reason for that. Some of these guides are with us for our entire lives, but some show up for a specific reason or period of time when we need them.

Your Home

Home Energy

For whatever place you call home, I can help you clear and balance the energy of your home to create a harmonious and positive environment. I will show you how to be an effective gatekeeper for your the energy of your space. It’s YOUR home, and you DO have control over this! No major home renovations or redecorating is required! 

Home Clearing

Home clearings remove all non-beneficial energies and entities from your space.  There are times when having a home clearing performed is especially helpful — such as moving into a new home, after a divorce, or if something just feels “off”.   I will clear and protect your home for you, and I will also give you suggestions on how to be a good energy gatekeeper for yourself and to keep your home vibes pleasant.  This work can easily be done remotely. However, I am happy to work with clients on location within a reasonable distance of Pittsburgh, PA and North Hills.

End of Life

I provide healing work for individuals (people and animals) who are currently in end of life transition.  A great deal of healing can occur at this very potent time. Although the physical body is in decline, there are great opportunities for healing on emotional, mental and spiritual levels. This enables a more peaceful transition. On the physical level, I can help with discomforts such as pain or nausea. 

This is not intended to replace any other hospice care the client may be receiving, but rather to complement it in order to provide a complete package of care. I earned an End of Life Doula certification (non-medical hospice care) from the University of Vermont.  

This work can also be done remotely.  However, I am happy to work with clients on location within a reasonable distance of Pittsburgh, PA and North Hills.