On Sunday, March 24, 2019, I will be teaching a workshop “Basic Energy Work and Communication for the Pet Owner”. This class will be from 1-4 PM and the cost is $75 per person. Space is limited to 12 participants and is open to anyone. Please call or email to reserve your spot. Look for more details on class content in upcoming blog posts.

I will be doing a series of short videos on my animal work starting next week. They will be posted here and on the Healing Technique Facebook page. Please click the Facebook button on the homepage of my website so you see these updates.

I will be at Journeys in Shadyside today (Feb. 9) from 1-5 PM doing pet readings. Stop by or call Journeys to schedule an appointment with me there.

Pet tip: If your pet is feeling anxious for any reason (vet visit, storm, construction in your home, etc), visualize a pink protective bubble around him/her to help with feelings of security. This is one of the many things that will be discussed in my upcoming class.