Lester & Chickpeas

Lester is a dog whose owner, K, contacted me regarding some sudden digestive issues he was experiencing. I had worked with Lester before, so his owner was wondering if I could shed any insight on the situation. As soon as I connected with him, I immediately intuitively got the words chickpeas and treats. I asked K if she had given him different treats recently. She had. I asked her to check the label for chickpeas, and there were. K thought that perhaps they were bad treats, which was not really the case. They were just bad for Lester. He had an intolerance to legumes (chickpeas, lentils, split peas), so I advised K to check labels and avoid them. I facilitated some healing for Lester to help him clear the chickpeas and restore his digestion. I felt fairly confident that omitting the chickpeas would do the trick, but K and I agreed that she should take him to the vet if he did not show improvement soon. Fortunately, the vet visit was unnecessary. Lester rebounded quickly!